The Slippery Case of The Bain Family Massacre


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The Bains were a dysfunctional family with several secrets kept behind closed doors. Then suddenly, on a cold winter’s morning, all but one would be murdered. A myriad of clues would lead officers to two primary suspects… but with sabotage, legal complications and even a house fire adding confusion to this case, no one could agree on who exactly killed the Bains family.

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00:00 Intro
01:20 New Zealand
02:31 The Bain Family... and their issues
07:10 June 20th, 1994
10:44 Further clues... and a fire?
13:20 Replaying the crime
15:42 Trial...
16:44 Release?
19:30 Retrial...
20:49 Aftermath
23:36 Outro
24:19 Eligible?

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